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Tap Into Into You Guided Meditation

Today’s guided meditation will help you tap into you.

Slow down,

And come inside.

Away from the noise,

And deep into the heart of you.

So Let’s Begin…

guided meditation


Here there is no doubt,

No fear,

No confusion.

Only clarity,


And love.

Only you.


So breathe in deep, my love,

And follow your breath,

She’ll lead you there every time.

Let her soothing tempo relax you,

And carry you inside.


Here, you’ll hear whispers of wisdom,

Not the chaotic cries of the ego.

Here, you’ll feel deep confidence,

And release your need for others’ opinions.

Here, you’ll tap into gushing wellsprings of joy,

And transcend all the pain.


Tap into you, sweet one,

When you’re confused, sad or disconnected.

Because you will always be reminded of your greatness,

Your connectedness,

And the divine miracle of you.


Tap into you, my love,

When you’re joyful, expressed and alive.

Because you will be reminded that this is the source of it all,





So breathe,

And let yourself be here for a few minutes,

Letting your breath guide you,

As you tap deeply into you.


Namaste, Beautiful

Time to Shine Guided Meditation

Today’s guided meditation will help you shine today.

It’s time to shine, beautiful.

Time to release the holds of fear that can keep you small and unexpressed.

And time to step into the luminous greatness that is your true nature.

So Let’s Begin…

woman shining her light


So take a big, deep breath in, as you ready yourself for this moment.

This moment of presence.

This moment of feeling into the heart of you.

This moment that connects you to your light.


The following words were written by Marianne Williamson,

And today they’re here for you to breathe in so you can settle them onto your heart and burn them into your soul.


It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?

You are a child of God.

Your playing small does not serve the world.

There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.

We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.

It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine,

we unconsciously give other people

permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear,

Our presence automatically liberates others


Sit with these words for the next few minutes,

And allow them to dissolve away any layers upon you,

As your truest and deepest light shines through.


It’s time to shine, beautiful.




Namaste, Beautiful

Practice Being Comfortable Being Uncomfortable Guided Meditation

Today’s guided meditation will help you practice being comfortable being uncomfortable.

I still remember the way Fiona Apple’s lyrics jumped out at me when I heard them so many years ago. In her song, Extraordinary Machine, there’s a line that says, but I’m good at being uncomfortable, so I can’t stop changing all the time.

And then a few lines later…

But he’s no good at being uncomfortable, so he can’t stop staying exactly the same.

I remember making the connection back then that to change, to evolve, means that we’re going to be uncomfortable. So it’s a good practice to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

So today, I want to share a meditation with you that will give you the opportunity to practice being comfortable being uncomfortable – both physically and metaphorically – so you can use it as a tool as you continue your own beautiful evolution.

So Let’s Begin…

hands folded


So let yourself settle into a seated position,

Either sitting cross legged or with your legs slightly parted in front of you.

Now as you draw your breath in,

See if you can straighten your spine just a bit,

Pulling your shoulders back,

And pushing your chest out.

Find that place that isn’t too rigid,

But still erect and relaxed.

And then find your breath.

Following its movement in and out of your nose.

Breathe in,

Breathe out.


Keeping this position, place your hands on your legs,

Palms facing up.

Nice and relaxed,

Let your fingers either rest into a position that’s comfortable,

Or lightly touch your middle finger to your thumb.

Now breathe,

And feel the air easily filling up your body in this position,

Cleansing you,

Calming you.


There is no perfect meditation position,

And perhaps you’re recalling that these meditations rarely ask you to be in a certain position.

But today, we’re practicing sitting here very deliberately,

Aware it may be different for you,

Aware that it may bring up some physical discomfort,

So you can practice being comfortable being uncomfortable.

So for the next few minutes, we’re simply going to practice being here,

Present in this position.

One with your breath,

And connected to your body.

And if your body sends you messages of discomfort,

See if you can simply be with those discomforts, instead of changing them.

Now breathe…


Now bring your attention to your breath,

Taking a deep breath in,

And on your exhale, go ahead and release this position if you’d like,

And settle into one that’s more comfortable for you.


Now take a moment to think about anything in your life that feels uncomfortable right now.

Perhaps there are discomforts in your work,

In your relationships,

In your health,

Or in your finances.

See if you can bring to mind just one example of a situation or thing that is uncomfortable or unsettled for you right now.

And then be here with it.

Without changing it.

Without thinking of solutions.

Without judging it.

Just sit with it.

Releasing any meaning it may have for you,

Like petals falling from a flower.

And just observing it for the next little bit.


You are a woman of love and light,

And your special journey is a constantly evolving work of art,

That asks for you to practice being comfortable being uncomfortable,

So that you may flourish as you are destined to.

I hope today’s practice helped.

Namaste, Beautiful

A Meditation for More Patience Guided Meditation

Today’s guided meditation will help you practice more patience.

The true value of practicing patience is our ability to not allow outside people or circumstances to dictate our state of being. And it also helps us surrender to what is instead of fighting to make things how we want them to be.

But…being patient can be easier said than done.

Especially when your kid is having a tantrum,

Or a work situation is inconvenient or stressful,

Or money is causing anxiety.

So I hope today’s meditation will help you practice more patience within the safe space provided here, so you can take it and infuse it into those tough situations more often.

So Let’s Begin…



Let’s begin by bringing your attention onto your breath.

Bringing you away from the thoughts and emotions swirling around,

And finding comfort in the simple movement of your inhale,

And your exhale.

Breathe in,

Breathe out.

Now let your breath expand,

Breathing in just a bit deeper,

And breathing out just a bit longer.

Letting it slow you down,

And bring you here.


Your body may be asking for your attention.

Perhaps your nose itches,

Or your arm wants to move,

Or maybe your leg wants to stretch.

Without responding to any of these requests,

See if you can simply notice what your body is asking for,

And sit with it.

Resisting the urge to scratch,

Or stretch,

Or move,

Just for a little bit.

And instead just focus on your breath while you wait.

Breathing out any discomforts through your exhale.


Now see if you can recognize any thoughts you may be having,

Thoughts telling you to do something,

Or thoughts reminding you of the tasks for the day ahead.

See if you can imagine these thoughts as clouds floating above you.

You, here, separate from them,

Choosing in this moment not to engage in their demands,

But instead sitting here patiently,


In the space of presence and nothingness.

Just being.

Focusing instead on your breath.

Breathing in,

And breathing out.

And waiting.

Watching the clouds go by.


Let yourself feel the spaciousness,

The power of being still,

The beauty of not reacting.

The power of patience.


Now, see if you can think of a recent moment when you were impatient.

Perhaps it was in a heated moment with a loved one,

Or out in public with a stranger,

Or in private with yourself.

Just bring that scene to mind,

Letting any judgements or emotions that may accompany it float away like those clouds.


As you see this moment,

See if you can breathe that spaciousness into it with every breath out,

Covering it with love,


And patience every time you exhale.


Forgive yourself, my love,

For all those times when you have not been patient.

And also hold onto this feeling right now,

This openness,

This calmness,

This lightness,

So you can call upon it the next time you want more patience.

Namaste, Beautiful

Realign Yourself Guided Meditation

Today’s guided meditation will help you realign yourself.

Come back home, beautiful.

Back to the place of harmony.

Back to the feelings of ease,


And living in alignment with your divine purpose.

It’s time to realign yourself,

And feel the peace, flow and joy that reside here.

So Let’s Begin…



So breathe,

And be here for a few moments.

Calling your body to slow down,

As your breath guides you to stillness.


As the thoughts arise,

Just notice them,

And then invite them to move along,

Like clouds passing you by in the sky.

And then reconnect with your breath,

With its soothing rhythm,

And come deeper into yourself.


We all fall out of alignment at times.

We can let our egos,

Other people,

And the world pull us out of our center.

Until one day, we recognize that we’re burnt out,

Or unhappy,

Or lost in habits that are disempowering.


And then we suffer.

We experience pain,



And confusion.

These are the nudges from the universe that we are out of alignment,

And it’s time to come back home.


So breathe,

And feel the connection between your breath and your body,

The way the two dance with each other,

Support each other,

And coexist.

Your breath comes in,

And your body expands as it receives the air.

Your breath goes out,

And your body contracts as it gives the air.

Giving and receiving.

Expanding and contracting.

Filling and emptying.

This is the dance of harmony,

Living here,

Right now,

In this one single breath.


Alignment is your natural state.

There’s no work you have to do.

No checklist you have to mark in order to be aligned.

It’s here waiting for you to simply let go of everything else that isn’t YOU.


So let go of the stress.

Let go of the fears.

Let go of the imperfections.

Feel them each fall off of you with every breath out,

Like leaves falling one by one from the tree.

Let go of the expectations.

Let go of the responsibilities.

Let go of the past and the future.

And be here now.

In this perfectly imperfect moment,

One with your breath,

One with this moment,

And one with yourself.

Namaste, Beautiful

Calm Down After Work Guided Meditation

Today’s guided meditation will help you calm down after work.

It’s time to bring your work day to a close, my love,

And let it all go.

So you can be alive and present to all the gifts waiting here for you.

So Let’s Begin…

guided meditation


So let’s begin with a deep, cleansing breath in,

Imagining the air filling up every part of your body,

And then breathe all the air out, letting go of the day.

One more deep breath in,

Expanding your chest and belly as far as they can go,

And then breathe out,

Releasing and relaxing.

Now bring your breathing to a nice, easy rhythm,

As you relax your body deeper.


Release it all every time you breathe out.

All the tasks left to do,

All the ups and downs from the day,

And all the thoughts about tomorrow.

None of it is here,

In this moment with you.

So breathe it out,

And invite yourself to be right here,

Right now.


Now see if you can imagine a small, open box in front of you.

Place your hands on either side of it,

Preparing yourself to close it.

But before you do,

Take a moment to find anything left over from work that is still swirling around inside of you.


See if you can find all those things left on your to-do list,

And place them inside the box.

All those exciting ideas and projects,

Place them inside the box.

Any worries or discomforts,

Place them inside the box.

Take a few moments to find anymore thoughts or emotions that might still be lingering from work,

And watch as you place them in your box.


Now, as the last item is placed in the box,

Invite yourself to close it,

And seal it tight.

Gently move your box to a special place where you know you will find it tomorrow,

And then come back here,

To this moment,

Away from your box of work,

And settled deeply into the calm of this present moment.

And breathe…


Leave it all there, my love,

It will be there for you tomorrow.

For now, be right here,

Right now,

So you can be fully alive,

With yourself,

With your loved ones,

And with the world.

Namaste, Beautiful

Connect With Your Deep Spiritual Self Guided Meditation

Today’s guided meditation will give you the chance to connect with your deep spiritual self.

There is a deep wellspring of universal wisdom inside of you, my love.

A part of you that understands that you are so much more than everything your human form can perceive.

A part of you that instantly knows we are connected and made of the same cosmic energy.

And that the universe vibrates with love inside of you, and through you.

So come inside, and connect with your deep, spiritual self.

So Let’s Begin…

guided meditation


So relax, my love,

And settle into yourself.

Feel yourself coming inside,

And dropping deep into a calm, peaceful state.


Place your one hand on your belly,

And the other on your heart,

And let yourself feel the beauty of your expanding body as you breathe in deeply.

Feel the air fill you up,

Cleansing you,

Enlivening you.

And breathe out completely,

Relaxing further into your position.



And let your hands fall from you and rest on your legs.


Now see if you can imagine a soft, white ball of light hovering within you,

Right at your center,

This is the embodiment of your deep, spiritual self.

The glorious spiritual energy that is always here within you.

Give her your loving attention now,

And notice the light strengthen and expand.


An open book (Bible) with pages flipping
Photographer: Priscilla Du Preez | Source: Unsplash

She is compassion,


And intuition.

She is infinite power,


And tenderness.

She is creation,


And never ending love.

She is you.

And she is everything that exists.


So be here right now,

Alive and raw and present to your deep spiritual self,

Watching her white light expand and grow with every single breath.


The divine lives within you.

She is you.

Let her love live within you,

And shine from you.

Namaste, Beautiful

Dream About the Possibilities Guided Meditation

Today’s guided meditation will give you the space to dream about the possibilities.

Dream About the Possibilities Guided Meditation

Melt into the magical place of peace,

Where your dreams can dance and play,

With no limits or boundaries,

And no one telling them what can’t be.

And you can dream about the possibilities.

So Let’s Begin…

guided meditation


Close your eyes,

And bring your attention here,

Away from the thoughts floating around your mind,

And into the presence of your body.


Connect to the motion of your breathing,

Riding its waves coming up onto the shore as you breathe in,

And falling back into the ocean as you breathe out,

Breathe in,

Breathe out.


Let your arms and legs relax,

Let your cheeks soften,

Your shoulders drop,

And your stomach relax.


And sink deeper into relaxation.


Photographer: Fadi Xd | Source: Unsplash

Anything is possible, my love.

Let the limiting chains of the world break loose as you invite all the possibilities to enter your dreams.

So they can play freely,

Twirling and jumping and laughing in delicious delight.


Invite them in,

All your desires,

All your visions,

All the wildest parts of your imagination.

Bring them here,

And feel the warmth of their embrace.

They want to heal you,

Stretch you,

Enliven you,

And infuse you with magic.


So breath slowly,

And feel the rhythm of the music,

As you let your possibilities play.


Let your desires run free here,

In the unbound pastures of your dreams.

Surrender to melody,

The movement,

And all the possibilities.


Let all judgements go,

And all the rules dissolve away.

No one gets to dictate your dance.

There are no limits here.

So dream, my love,

About the incredible possibilities that exist for you here.

Namaste, Beautiful

Anxiety Meditation for Stressful Moments

Today’s anxiety meditation will help you calm down in stressful moments.

I know it feels heavy right now, beautiful.

I know your mind is spinning,

And your heart is racing.

But it’s time to come inside and uncover the peace inside of you,

And drink deeply from its calming, soothing waters.

So Let’s Begin…

anxiety meditation


So close your eyes,

And bring your attention inside.

Let your mind shift from all those thoughts onto the slow motion of your body.

The rising and falling of your belly,

The air flowing in and out of your nose.

The feeling of the air touching your skin.

And see if you can slow it all down just a bit,

Expanding your breathing,

And relaxing your body.


There will always be parts of your life that are unsettling.

There will always be moments when there is distance between what you desire and what is.

Anxiety arises when we worry about the future, or obsess about the past, and want to change it, want to control it…

But can’t.

So we worry. We stress. We let the anxiety creep in and overtake us until we are saturated with its heaviness.

And the quickest and most powerful way to dissolve it all,

Is to shift our minds and hearts and souls into the present moment.

Where no anxiety can exist.


So invite yourself to be here.

Deeply aware of yourself in this moment.

Aware of your body’s position,

Aware of your breathing,

Aware of your space.


Place your hand on your heart,

And let it find its calming, rhythmic beat.


Listen to the sounds around you.

Let them calm you,

And pull you into this moment.


When you are here,

Everything is okay.

There is nothing to worry about.

You are present.

You are alive.

You are deeply connected to you.

So take a deep breath in,

Focusing on the refreshing air filling up your entire body,

And breathe out,

Releasing and relaxing,

Feeling the calming peace fill you up.


Stay here in this moment, my love.

Where all the worries and anxieties can dissolve,

And clarity will come.

Right here,

Right now,

Everything is okay.

And you are loved.

Namaste, Beautiful

5 Minute Meditation Before You Work

Today’s 5 minute meditation will give you a wonderful way to prepare yourself for the work day ahead.

5 Minute Meditation Before You Work

Close your eyes and come inside today, my love.

And give yourself the gift of this 5 minute meditation to center, focus and energize you before you work.

So Let’s Begin…

a woman doing a 5 minute meditation


Take a deep breath in,

Inviting in oxygen into every cell of your body,

Awakening and enlivening your mind and your body.

And breathe out,

Relaxing and releasing.

One more deep breathe in,

Filling every part of you with fresh, clean air,

And then exhale,

Relaxing deeper into yourself.

Now bring your breathing to a smooth, easy rhythm,

And be here.


A new work day is ahead of you, beautiful.

A chance for you to help others,

A chance for you to express yourself,

A chance for you to learn and connect.

So let’s begin your day of work with meaningful intentions.


May I bring all my brilliance and creativity to the work I do today.

May I bring love to others through my work.

May I be present and truly enjoy the work I do.

May I be grateful for and open to receiving the financial rewards for my work.

Bring your hands to your heart, and breathe in the blessings of the work ahead of you.

Namaste, Beautiful

Affirmations for Self-Love

Today’s affirmations for self-love meditation will fill you with a sense of calm confidence and peace.

Take a deep breath, and let yourself be showered with beautiful words of affirmation,

And let the raindrops of self-love nourish you.

So Let’s Begin…

affirmations for self-love meditation


So settle yourself into comfort,

Easing yourself into a relaxed, easy rhythm of breathing.

Letting the air flow in and out of your nose,

Nice and slow.

Breathe in deeply,

And breathe out completely.



And let your thoughts dissolve into the air,

As you keep your attention on your breath.


Let it bring you here,

To this moment,

So you can be fully present,

And soak in these affirmations of self-love.


I am enough.

I am worthy.

I am a joyful being of light.


I am connected.

I am in tune with my inner wisdom.

I am loved.


Crossed hands
Photographer: Giulia Bertelli | Source: Unsplash

I create and honor my boundaries.

I feel confident and whole in my own skin.

I take the time to fill myself up.


I am worthy of love.

I am beautiful from the inside out.

Everything I need is within me.


I am strong and resilient.

I can handle life’s hardships with faith and ease.

Love expands for me.


I forgive myself and learn from my mistakes.

I am ready to receive prosperity.

I make a difference in the world.


I let go of what no longer serves me.

I constantly evolve with grace and love.

I am light.


I am worthy of every dream I have.

I am confident and luminous.

My life is harmonious.


I attract loving and supportive people into my life.

I radiate love.

I am grateful.


I am extraordinary.

I am love.

I am peace.

Namaste, Beautiful

Love Is the Answer

Today’s love is the answer meditation is a powerful call to approach everything with love.

When you’re feeling down, love is the answer.

When fear has taken over, love is the answer.

When you’re lying on the floor in a pool of despair, love is the answer.

When the world looks scary and mean and unjust, love is the answer.

The seeds of love are planted in your soul, beautiful.

So come inside and eat their fruits,

And be nourished by their goodness.

Because when you are filled with love,

You will give it freely to others.

And help grow the beautiful, diverse garden of love around the world,

Where all of us can bloom in our own, special way.

So Let’s Begin…

love is the answer


So come into your breath,

The reliable, rhythmic giver of life,

That enters and exits without fail.

Breathing in,

And breathing out.

Feeling it fill you up every time you inhale,

And relax you further every time you exhale.


Now slow it down,

Elongating the breath each time.

Breathing in deeper,

And breathing out longer.

And feel your body slow down.

Feel your mind slow down.

Feel time slow down.

As you settle deeply into this soft, slow rhythm.


Now see if you can imagine all the things that feel unsettling for you right now.

The challenges,

The anxieties,

The fears,

The upsets.

Imagine every single one of them as tiny grains of sand,

Collecting themselves in front of you,

And then slowly culminating into a bowl on the floor.


This small bowl holds it all,

The countless grains of sand that are weighing on you.

The personal and global scenes of concern.

As you look down at this bowl of sand, take a deep breath in,

And feel your breath reach inside of you for seeds of love.


With every inhale,

Let your breath find these seeds.

They live in the laughter of your friends and family,

The tender hugs,

And the kindness others have shown you.


love is the answer
Photographer: Michael Fenton | Source: Unsplash

Breathe in and find the seeds of love that exist in the chirping of the birds,

The warmth of the dirt,

And the raindrops from the clouds.


These seeds of love live in your dreams,

And the hope you have for yourself and others.

Look around,

And see the endless seeds of love that exist within you.


Now imagine with every breath out,

Those countless seeds of love collect in front of you,

And slowly spread themselves across the vast garden all around you.

Breathe, and watch these seeds of love plant themselves into the rich soil,

Easily burying your small bowl of worries.

Those grains of sand will never compare to the endless seeds of love.


Now let your body relax deeply,

As you watch the breathtaking scene in front of you.

The seeds of love are sprouting, and growing the most diverse, luscious flowers, plants, herbs and vegetables imaginable.

Be here in your garden.

This is love.

Bright, colorful, connected and full of life.

Where no fear or negativity can exist.

Where love breeds more love.

And where you can see clearly that love is the answer.

Namaste, Beautiful